Static Cling Window Film: Installing is Easy

A house is composed of many different window sets all over. It allows you to enjoy the free sunlight during daytime to minimize electricity costs and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings as well, but sometimes, because windows are too transparent people from the outside can take a peek inside your home and invade your privacy.

Also, the harmful UV rays that you get from the sun are hardly blocked by a normal window. Adding static cling window films can help your windows appear less transparent and even block the harmful UV rays.

{module [233]}You can have such customized to fit your windows perfectly and have it installed by a professional, but if you are someone who like to do handyman stuff around the house, you can also easily install the films to your window on your own.

Here, is a quick guide on how you can easily install those films on your window and start protecting the privacy of your home and block the harmful UV rays.

Things you’ll need:

•    Plastic putty knife, 2 inches in size preferably

•    Spray bottles, 2 pieces

•    Mild dishwashing detergent, ¼ teaspoon

•    Warm water, 2 quarts

•    Paper towels that is lint-free

•    Razor knife

What to do:

•    On one spray bottle, pour in the 1 quart of warm water and the dishwashing soap and mix them together.

•    Spray the mixture onto your window and start cleaning it using your paper towels. Make sure that every part and corner is well cleansed and streak-free.

•    On the other spray bottle, pour the remaining 1 quart of warm water and spray it on the window. Don’t spray too much. A mist is all you need to stick the films.

•     Gently strip the film out of its backing starting from one corner to prevent from tearing.

•    Align first the top of the film to the top of the window. Make sure that it fits perfectly before you start sticking it.

•    Once you have checked all corners and sides if it fits, start sticking the film on the window starting from the top to the bottom of the window.

•    Press the sticker to the window as firmly as you can to prevent any air from being trapped inside.

•    Mist lightly the film to stick onto the window more firmly.

•    Secure the film tightly onto the window. Start by holding the knife at a 45 degree angle on one corner and start dragging throughout the top portion of the film.

•    To secure the film tightly on the middle part and on the bottom, place the blade of the knife on the middle of the window and slowly drag it towards the bottom of the window.

•    Once you have securely and firmly pressed the film onto your wall, take your razor knife and trim the edges for excess film you can see.

•    Pat the paper towels on the film to dry it out.

It doesn’t really take an expert to perfectly install the films onto your window, with a little bit of patience and keen eye to details; you can install it just like a professional.